Food Policies

Food Policies


School will provide snacks recommended by the Peel Health Department twice in the day. Parents need not send any additional snacks.

It is strongly recommended that parents choose to cater the nutritious and well-balanced lunches from from the school’s chosen vendor. A separate handout from the catering company will be provided to you by the school.

At enrollment time, parents must list any food allergies that their child may have. Parents must detail these and any other conditions or preferences in regards to food so that the staff can act accordingly.

Parents who choose to provide their own lunches must take care that the lunches do not contain:

  • any contact allergy products (school will provide list based on enrolled students)
  • any non-vegetarian (meat, eggs or fish) ingredients
  • glass juice bottles
  • any container that might shatter when accidentally dropped
  • knives or cutlery that may be harmful

Parents must provide their child a well-balanced lunch. Eating candy or other high sugar foods is discouraged at school and should not be packed in lunches.

It is recommended that lunch be sent in an insulated lunch bag that contains an ice pack.