Food Policies


School will provide snacks recommended by the Peel Health Department twice in the day. Parents need not send any additional snacks.

It is strongly recommended that parents choose to cater the nutritious and well-balanced lunches from from the school’s chosen vendor. A separate handout from the catering company will be provided to you by the school.

At enrollment time, parents must list any food allergies that their child may have. Parents must detail these and any other conditions or preferences in regards to food so that the staff can act accordingly.

Parents who choose to provide their own lunches must take care that the lunches do not contain:

  • any contact allergy products (school will provide list based on enrolled students)
  • any non-vegetarian (meat, eggs or fish) ingredients
  • glass juice bottles
  • any container that might shatter when accidentally dropped
  • knives or cutlery that may be harmful

Parents must provide their child a well-balanced lunch. Eating candy or other high sugar foods is discouraged at school and should not be packed in lunches.

It is recommended that lunch be sent in an insulated lunch bag that contains an ice pack.

Allergy Policies

The school is very concerned with the students in our care that have severe allergies. We are aware that this can be life threatening. Each classroom is given a list of all children in the school that have allergies. We are a nut free school; our policy is as follows:

  • No nuts or nuts products are allowed in any snack provided.
  • If you are providing snack for your child’s classroom, please check the package as many items are processed on machinery that has been used for nut products.
  • Should a child’s lunch from home contain a nut product or a product whose packaging states ‘may contain traces of nuts’, the item in question will be sent home with a note reminding the child’s family that the school is a nut-free environment. Should the child’s lunch be insufficient, the school will provide food normally served as snack to replace the nut product.

What can parents do to help?

  • Check all snacks that you provide to ensure it was not processed on machinery used for nut products.
  • Talk to your child about their special diet and not to share food with others.
  • If your child is allergy free, help them to understand what being allergic means.

Parents of children with severe allergies will be required to fill in the ‘Severe Allergy Form’ yearly and will be asked at the time of registration to meet with the school’s staff to discuss the allergies, medication, and procedures that will be followed.

Drop-off and Pickup Policies

Keep your child by your side at all times when dropping off or picking up. Your child needs to walk inside the school and on all school grounds. Please, no running in the hallway. Parents do not enter the classrooms during drop off or pick up times.

Parents and authorized Guardians must Sign-In or Sign-Out the child when dropping off or picking up respectively. Ask a staff member for the Sign-In/Sign-Out terminal.

PHOTO IDENTIFICATION IS REQUIRED OF ANYONE, INCLUDING PARENTS, PICKING UP A CHILD. Photo ID could be asked for each time your child is picked up.

Pick-up Authorization
Release of your child will be made only to authorized parties in this order of preference:

  1. To parents
  2. To authorized individuals on your list
  3. To any person with written permission to pick up your child


  • No early arrivals without prior arrangements.
  • A staff member will greet your child at the half glass door located by the reception area and walk them into the classroom.
  • Children must be escorted into the building.


  • Proceed to the pick-up point (half glass door located by the reception area) and make sure a staff member notices you.
  • A staff member will bring your child to the door.
  • You might be required to show a photo-id if the staff member does not recognize you
  • Your child is your responsibility after the pick-up point.
  • If you have not picked up your child by 3:45 pm (11:45am for Morning Half Day Students) he/she will join the extended day program. Charges for the extended day care, if not paid for at enrollment time, are $1.00 per minute. We allow a grace period of 100 minutes per month. However, the delay must not exceed 15 minutes on a given day.

Tardy Arrival

  • All the students must be at school by 8:30am.
  • Students coming between 8:30 and 8:45 will be gently rushed in by the Principal
  • Students coming in between 8:45am and 9:00am will be asked to explain their being late
  • Anyone coming after 9:00am will have to return home and come back after lunch. Exceptions will only be made for those who are generally punctual.

Early Dismissal
If an early dismissal is necessary, we request that a written note be sent to the teacher that morning. This will allow us to have your child ready and will not cause disruption to the learning environment of the classroom.

Parking Lot Safety
For the safety of everyone:

  • All children must be escorted in and out of school by an adult. Please watch siblings in the parking lot. This is not a play area.
  • Do not leave your car running while dropping off or picking up your child. You are required to be with and supervise your child and keep him/her within 3 feet of you at all times before drop-off and after pick-up.{/slide}
Attendence Policies

Please call 905-913-0801 by 8:30 am each day that your child will be absent or arriving late. Please inform us about the nature of the absence, as the school is required to report any communicable diseases. Please have your child to school early enough to start school on time at 8:45 am.

If a child has any one of the following conditions, the school requires that the child not be at school:

  1. contagious disease, not including a cold
  2. fever of over 100 degrees during the past 24 hours
  3. vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours
  4. draining sores or burns
  5. a rash, until diagnosed and determined to be non-contagious
  6. accident requiring medical attention
  7. any condition (including separation anxiety) that prevents the child from comfortably participating in program activities or that results in greater care for the child than what staff can provide without compromising the health and safety of other children

If a child exhibits any of these conditions while at school, the child’s parents will be notified to come and remove their child from the school until the above conditions no longer apply. While waiting to be picked up, the child may be placed in the office in order to remove the child from the rest of the class.

Please keep the office notified of all absences.

Extended Absences
The school does not prorate tuition and does not give credits for time away from school. A 30 day notice in writing to the office is required for withdrawal or extended absences. In order to guarantee a space in your child’s classroom upon your return all tuition must be paid with pre-dated checks before your departure.

Inclement Weather Schedules
In the event of bad weather, you can find up-to-the-minute information about school closure at the school’s website www.kmschool.org.

Power Outage
The Ontario Ministry of Education regulations require the school to close if the power is out for 1½ hours. All parents must have updated phone numbers on file. We will call each parent. There is a mandatory pick up for all students within 1 hour.

Natural Disasters
In the event of a natural disaster and if the phone lines are down, directions will be placed on the front door of the school.

Rest Time

There is an optional supervised nap or quiet time for all children. During this time, they sleep or relax quietly on their mats or cots. The mats and cots are provided by the school. Parents are requested to bring one crib sheet and at least one blanket. A stuffed animal can be brought from home for rest time only (toys are typically not allowed at school). Napping materials will be sent home to be cleaned at the end of each school week so that they may be returned at the beginning of the following week. All napping materials should be clearly labeled and sent in a small bag.

Field Trips

Whenever a field trip is planned, parents are notified and may be asked to assist in transporting and chaperoning the children. Parents must provide child safety seats for the field trip. If a parent wishes to not have their child go on a particular field trip, that child may be kept at home for the day.

The preferred communication medium is email. All our staff members are quite responsive and respond to emails within 24hrs. To contact a staff member via phone please call the school office at 905-913-0801. Office staff will deliver the message. Teachers are not available to return calls until the end of the school day or during scheduled breaks.

Teachers are informed of calls for students. However, students are only called from class for emergencies. Additionally, during extended day hours, we will take a message for the child. Staffing during extended day hours does not allow personal supervision while one child is in the building on the telephone.


We hold a special celebration for any student celebrating his/her birthday during a school day. Parents are encouraged to send pictures that the student can use to tell others about their growing years and family. However, our celebration does not include any eatables (e.g. pizza), loot bags or cakes.

If your child is having a birthday party or other social event, unless the whole class is invited, the invitations should be sent by mail. We will not hand them out at school. Address lists are available from your teacher.

Parent Visits/Class Observation

Parent visits to the school are welcome. Please make an appointment for any in-class observations. Classroom observations can be disruptive to the learning environment. In-class observations will be limited to one half an hour with a prior appointment. Observation from the hall is allowed at any time for any length of time.

Lost and Found

Many valuable articles of clothing remain unclaimed each year. Proper identification on coats and other articles of clothing will help to assure the return of lost articles. The school is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items. All unclaimed items are donated on the last day of school to a charitable organization.

Discipline Policy

Our goal is to provide an atmosphere and learning environment that is safe, supportive and nurturing for each student. The code established for the students attending the school will not inhibit their natural creativity and social growth.There is a strict code of conduct, which includes no hitting, kicking, biting, scratching and/or fighting. Also, appropriate language must be used at all times. Respect when speaking to teachers, students and any adult is mandatory.

In managing the children’s behaviour, under no circumstances will the teachers:

  • use corporal punishment on a child (e.g., slapping, kicking, punching, pushing, grabbing, pulling, spanking, ear pulling, biting, etc.)
  • use deliberate harsh or degrading measures on a child that would humiliate the child or undermine his or her self-respect
  • engage in emotional abuse, name-calling, shaming, making derogatory remarks or humiliating a child
  • deprive a child of basic needs including food, shelter, clothing or bedding
  • use a locked or lockable room or structure to confine a child who has been withdrawn from other children
  • shout or yell at a child
  • threaten a child by saying that negative reports will be given to their parents
  • compare one child to another
  • send the child out of the classroom, out of teachers’ view

Disruptive Behaviour Policy
When excessive disruptive behavior occurs at the school, the following procedures are enforced:
1. The first occurrence will result in a conversation with the child and/or parent to discuss expected behavior and an incident report will go home to the parents.
2. The second incident of disruptive behavior will result in the parents being called in for a conference to go over expected behavior and/or required to pick up the child.
3. The third time the child engages in the behavior, the parents are called and the child is required to leave school for the day.
4. At the fourth disruptive event, the parents are asked to get behavior counseling for the child and family. A letter is required from the counselor notifying the school that the counseling process has started. Once the counseling starts, a behavior plan must be submitted immediately.
If your child instigates what is considered dangerous behavior, for the safety of all staff and students, we will go directly to step 4.

Note: When a parent is called to pick up their child, we require the child be picked up within one hour.