At every age level, providing the child his/her parental faith, ethnic language and ethnic cultural experiences and learning is a priority at KMSchool. For our children to grow up to be global citizens and be interculturally competent, research calls for the child to be strongly grounded in his/her home culture. Based on our current enrollment student community’s needs, we have Montessori based ethnic programs for:

Sikhi & Punjabi

From memorizing simply rhymes and Gurbani Shabads as toddlers, to reading and writing in Punjabi and memorizing Jup Ji Sahib in CASA, to learning advance grammar of Punjabi and doing Sehaj Paath from Shree Guru Granth Sahib in Elementary, the cultural enrichment is immensely valuable. Students also engage in learning and practicing Keertan and instrumental classical music. Significant historical dates and Gurpurabs are celebrated at the school.

Hindu, Hindi & Tamil

Students from the Hindu community engage in cultural and religious practices of their faith. Hindi and Tamil language – reading and writing, and grammar – curriculum is fully supported.

Jehovah’s Witness (2009-2011)

Two senior Jehovah’s Witness visited the school to provide their faith experiences and training to the one Jehovah Witness student enrolled at KMSchool.