Khalsa Montessori School (KMSchool) began operations in September, 2007. The inspiration to bring Khalsa and Montessori under one banner came from the striking compatibility of the two ideologies. Both are aimed at creating Global Citizens who are socially responsible and have the aptitude and attitude to create solutions.
‘Khalsa’ means purely devoted to One God. Khalsa is also the way of life revealed by the Sikh Gurus embodied in Shiree Guru Granth Sahib. A gem of a lesson that we commit ourselves to is that just as we uphold our right to practice our way of life, we value and defend the rights of others to practice theirs’. Today, the world is a Global Village wherein diversity in language, culture and faith is a fact of life. This diversity is beautiful; it is the myriad ways that Nature has revealed itself in. At KMSchool, we cherish it and pray that we are able to nurture it in the hearts of our children.
Our commitment to maintaining a Khalsa environment means that:

  • We respect and foster a multi-cultural, multi-faith community
  • We are ethical, fair and truthful in all our operations
  • We maintain an environment of dignity and respect for all
  • You can expect the highest level of professionalism from the administration and staff at KMSchool.
  • We offer all children training in their parental faith (Sikh, Christian, Hindu, and Islam, among others) and culture.

We are located in The Gore Plaza at the intersection of Gore and Ebenezer. With over 3700 sq. ft of indoor area, we easily accommodate 24 students in the CASA program and 24 in the Elementary program. We have modeled the facility as a “Children’s House”.