Allergy Policies

Allergy Policies

The school is very concerned with the students in our care that have severe allergies. We are aware that this can be life threatening. Each classroom is given a list of all children in the school that have allergies. We are a nut free school; our policy is as follows:

  • No nuts or nuts products are allowed in any snack provided.
  • If you are providing snack for your child’s classroom, please check the package as many items are processed on machinery that has been used for nut products.
  • Should a child’s lunch from home contain a nut product or a product whose packaging states ‘may contain traces of nuts’, the item in question will be sent home with a note reminding the child’s family that the school is a nut-free environment. Should the child’s lunch be insufficient, the school will provide food normally served as snack to replace the nut product.

What can parents do to help?

  • Check all snacks that you provide to ensure it was not processed on machinery used for nut products.
  • Talk to your child about their special diet and not to share food with others.
  • If your child is allergy free, help them to understand what being allergic means.

Parents of children with severe allergies will be required to fill in the ‘Severe Allergy Form’ yearly and will be asked at the time of registration to meet with the school’s staff to discuss the allergies, medication, and procedures that will be followed.